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client testimonials

“Petko is a trustworthy, reliable and very responsive personal coach. He is a careful listener who always asks the right questions. He can help you to find the best way to solve your current challenges and concerns. He can make your day!”;


Head Compensation, Sika, Switzerland 

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Neda Alkalay,

Mentor Coaches

Petko is highly professional, knowledgeable and has the unique talent to combine his professional executive background with solid coaching skills. As a coach he is insightful and empathetic, while being brilliant at probing and challenging. His open and encouraging approach supports the clients to build new awareness, to create innovative opportunities and to agree on specific actions for achieving their goals.

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Antonia Mavrova,


Petko is leading very well the sessions, showing all the time awareness of the direction the conversation is going and shaping my thoughts in a very structured way. He succeeded through very tailored questions to lead me trough my personal concerns and to allow me to understand better the steps I need to undertake to make the movement I would like to achieve. Trough the coaching sessions I manage to understand better  myself and to prioritise  the areas I have the will to work for.

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Dimitar Iordanov,

SAP Switzerland

I had the privilege of having Petko as my coach on a variety of topics ranging from personal leadership and productivity to organizational strategy and change management. I am very impressed by the insight I was able to reach during our conversations and the easy and empathic way Petko led me through his questions to realize a bigger picture I was unaware of before. Our sessions have been tangible and actionable and I am very grateful for his ability to influence and drive positive change in my own behavior or judgements. Petko has earned my trust and respect with his pragmatic and dispassionate style and his ability to understand and guide my own thoughts to a moment when change takes place. I would strongly recommend him for his coaching skills, pragmatic style, and ability to positively influence change.

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Vasudevan Easwaran,


It is an empowering experience to be coached by Petko. I say this because Petko tries to unleash your true potential by consistently working on your strengths and providing great insights. Petko is very methodical and professional in his approach. This is elucidated by his commitment to ICF values which he demonstrates through out the coaching engagement. His unique style which combines empathetic listening, asking insightful questions, building that level of trust and powerful questioning brings out the best in his clients / coachee. I would personally recommend Petko to all the leaders worldwide who wish to make a difference to their lives.

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Ania Krasivskaya,

I find Petko to be a very efficient coach. Not only he is very professional but he is also a very caring professional. 

Petko makes sure that every session is tailor-made and responds to your individual needs. He introduces new instruments and different approaches to lead you to the result you expect.

Our coaching sessions have added real value both to my professional life as well as to my personal development.

I more than recommend Petko as a coach and as a strategic partner to boost your business skills and experience.

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Arpita Verma,


Petko's USP is that he does not 'buy' what is obvious at the surface; but has the intuition of going deep in so that you can do deeper introspection and connect better with your authentic self. Petko is an abundant source of insight generation. Things that one might store deep inside, are carefully and gently touched upon, so that you feel comfortable in exploring them. He has the power to see beneath the surface so that he can bring you out of your 'stories'. Another big plus is that Petko is totally non-judgmental. That makes communicating with him more comfortable.

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